Tell me about The Minims.

The Minims is a single-player adventure game about a personal journey of an endearing creature of the Minim species. On yet another beautiful day, on the top of the rock, Mii is doing some chores, when it dawns on him that Mo appears to be missing. In the game, the player must use logic, collect important items, and solve puzzles in order to guide Mii in his search to find his life partner Mo. Tracing her steps he embarks on a journey which becomes a self-seeking exploration regarding life choices and personal values.

When is it out?

Currently available for download on STEAM for Windows and Mac, AppStore for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod-Touch.

What platforms is it on?

Windows / Mac / iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

Who is making it?

The game has been developed by beyondthosehills. A tiny indie development team based in the center of Athens, Greece.

What technology are you using?

The Minims has been developed in Unity.

Why do my inventory items disappear when starting a new chapter?

There is nothing wrong with that! You don’t carry the items from one chapter to another simply because you don’t need them. Actually we are not big fun of the inventory logic in general, so we tried to keep the inventory use to the minimum. We definitely try to find more elegant ways to eliminate the potential use of an inventory in our future titles.

What can I do if I get stuck somewhere in the game?

You can always use the hint system if you tap the light bulb icon, which is at the right side of the inventory. If the hint system doesn't cover you, hit us up with an email or via social media.